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About Us - VRC

Assisting companies in crafting superior parts since 1998.

About Us - VRC

VRC Plastomould (I) Pvt Ltd, established in 1999, has grown into a prominent company with a dedicated team of over 150 employees.

We specialize in plastic mold manufacturing and have garnered a prestigious clientele including MahindraJohn DeereKregStihlLGWhirlpool, and Godrej

Our focus is on collaborating with major MNCs and international corporations, delivering top-notch solutions in plastic injection molding.

VRC Plasto Mould Team

The Story of VRC

From the looms of a successful saree business in Nagpur, Gopal Rao Khadgi’s entrepreneurial journey took an unexpected turn toward innovation in plastic molding. Gopal Rao, the artistic force behind the saree designs, decided to venture into fabric strengthening after a family dispute led to the closure of their textile business.

Recognizing the need for a specialized machine for fabric strengthening, Gopal Rao initially crafted one using metal. However, the weight and cost constraints of metal prompted a shift towards plastic molding. Together with his eldest and younger sons, they ventured into molding parts of the fabric-strengthening machine using plastic—a material that proved to be not only cost-effective but also versatile.

Despite their creative and innovative approach, the fabric strengthening business struggled due to a niche market. Undeterred, the family decided to sell the plastic-molded machine. Their breakthrough came when the mechanical head of Dutta Meghe College was impressed by the precision and ingenuity displayed in molding parts with plastic.

This encounter opened new doors, and soon Vijay & Chandrakant, the sons of Gopal Rao and future creator of VRC Plasto Mould, found themself at the doorstep of a significant opportunity. With connections to the multinational giant Videocon, Vijay & Chandrakant seized the chance and successfully closed a deal to produce bulb holders for refrigerators.

During a visit to Videocon, Vijay identified a common problem with refrigerators – moisture damage caused by metal locks. Channeling his creativity and keen eye for detail, they innovatively crafted the first plastic lock. This lightweight, cost-effective solution not only addressed Videocon’s issue but also caught the attention of other companies seeking similar innovations.

With the leadership of Vijay and  Chandrakant, VRC Plasto Mould evolved from a small-town family enterprise into a pioneering force in plastic molding. Their commitment to innovation, exemplified by the groundbreaking plastic lock, became synonymous with VRC’s identity. Today, VRC Plasto Mould is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and forward-thinking, providing companies across industries with not just parts but better parts for a brighter future.

VRC Plasto Mould Founders

Our Vision

To be the forefront innovators in the plastic molding industry, driving positive change by continually advancing research and development. VRC Plasto Mould envisions a future where businesses seamlessly integrate cutting-edge plastic solutions to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to a better, more sustainable world.

Our mission

Empowering businesses through innovative plastic molding solutions, VRC Plasto Mould is dedicated to assisting companies in designing and creating superior plastic parts. Our mission is to revolutionize industries by providing lightweight, cost-effective alternatives that enhance product performance and contribute to sustainable manufacturing practices.

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