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Water Dispenser Manufacturing: VRC Plasto Mould’s Partnership with Blue Star and Voltas

Water Dispenser Manufacturing: VRC Plasto Mould's Partnership with Blue Star and Voltas

In a groundbreaking move that highlights the power of local manufacturing and innovation, VRC Plasto Mould has proudly partnered with industry giants Blue Star and Voltas. Our collaboration has successfully shifted the production of essential water dispenser part to India, marking a significant leap towards cost-efficiency and self-reliance in component manufacturing.

The Challenge

Previously, both Blue Star and Voltas faced substantial costs and logistical complexities associated with importing water dispenser part. The reliance on international suppliers not only inflated expenses but also extended lead times, impacting the overall market responsiveness and product price competitiveness.

The VRC Solution

Recognizing the potential for transformative change, VRC Plasto Mould stepped in with a solution that promised not just to alleviate these challenges but also to enhance product quality. Our proposal was simple yet impactful: to localize the manufacturing of water dispenser parts, leveraging our expertise in plastic molding technology and innovation.

The Process

The transition began with an in-depth analysis of the imported components, understanding their design intricacies, and material specifications. VRC Plasto Mould’s dedicated team then embarked on a journey of innovation, employing advanced plastic molding techniques to recreate the part with precision and superior quality. Our approach was rooted in customization, flexibility, and a deep commitment to excellence.

The Impact

The shift to local manufacturing brought about a remarkable change for both Blue Star and Voltas. Not only were we able to significantly reduce the cost of part, but we also offered a shorter production cycle, ensuring faster time-to-market for new and existing products. This strategic move not only bolstered Blue Star and Voltas’s competitive edge in the market but also showcased the immense potential of Indian manufacturing prowess


Our partnership with Blue Star and Voltas underscores the significant advantages of localizing production. VRC Plasto Mould’s expertise in plastic molding has not only facilitated cost savings but also sparked a shift towards self-sufficiency in manufacturing. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to supporting the growth of Indian industry through innovation, quality, and strategic collaboration.